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Monday, February 2, 2009

What If...?

What if is a writer's favorite question. What if leads to all sorts of story possibilities, wonderful things that lead to other what ifs. I'm currently asking myself:

"What if I was typing this with two hands instead of one hand, and trying to hold my daughter and keep her away from the keyboard?"

Granted, not the best start to a story, but still, something to think about. And that's the real trick, I think. The thinking about it part. Because over the past two weeks, I've been thinking about a lot of things. Things that make the creative section of the brain work overtime. And it seems to me that the more creative things I think of, the more there are to think of, if you catch my drift. For example, I recently decided I am tired of not having a headboard, and want to make my own. After a few hours of research, I discovered a big handful of cheap, easy ideas that I loved, and that allowed me complete control of the finished product. So over the next few days, more ideas would come to me without being prompted, and from those ideas, other ideas grew, leaving the realm of mere headboards and entering into the world of whole rooms, decorated by me.

Yes, I realize I went off on a slightly long tangent about decorating, but I'm kind of obsessed, so forgive me. And it does have a point, which I'll share with you now.

Once I started thinking about all these ideas, my brain was nice and warmed up and ready for action. So I started thinking about my litterforts, and all that creativeness just swarmed around them and a hundred more what if's appeared, just waiting for me to follow them and see where they lead.

Dealing with relocating my family within a few weeks is leaving me with less and less time for writing what I want, so I spend tons of time thinking about what I want to write, and all these new what if's are so intriguing. There are certain things that are set within a story, and infinite possibilities around those things. And while I can't wait to actually get them out on paper, it's fun to let them run wild in my head too.

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Sweet Caroline said...

I am always thinking when I read your blog. You bring out this part of my brain that I never use. This latest blogging reminded me of Dr. Laura's radio show 12 years ago! I know...I am pathetic! I was 25 at the time, too. She said, "When we can't control the big things...we try to control the little things." And, with moving to another state with two little wonder you are obsessed with the perfect headboard. It makes sense to me. Something I do. All the time!