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Monday, March 16, 2009

Refreshing Rain

It feels like it's been raining endlessly since we got to Georgia, although it hasn't really been. There were some great days full of warmth and sun and happiness; but when it rains, it rains for at least three days at a time.

After the past three days of rain and being cooped up in the house watching Aladdin repeatedly, I finally couldn't take it anymore. Instead of going out to eat with the kids Nana, who is their great-grandma, I told Ryan to just take Chloe, and I was going to stay home with Colin. We had some business to attend to.

After getting Ryan and Chloe out the door, Colin and I got bundled, put on our "mud shoes", and went out to trek through the rain for an early evening walk. It wasn't really raining, just that incessant drizzle that is somehow worse than heavy downpour. The air wasn't too cool, just perfect enough to cool our cheeks off after we ran down the hills. It was a good choice to take him out, for both of us. While Colin had a blast throwing rocks into the pond, and splashing in the puddles, I had a chance to think about writing.

Confession: I haven't written anything in over a week. I KNOW!!! I know. It's been a productive week in my "real life" though, and I'm proud of how awesomely organized I'm getting the new house. But I've been kind of procrastinating about getting back to the book. Because I just wasn't feeling that buzz of anticipation when I sat down at the computer. Because I know I'll have to stop right when I really get going to get one of the kids from their nap...or each other's throats. Because I've been redecorating all three blogs. (What do you think?) Because I know that it's going to take a little work, and I'm lazy.

But the lazy walk through wet scenery revived me from my stupor, and I came back refreshed, and ready to write. The landscape made me think of confrontations, deep thoughts, and passions, both in love and hate. It made me think of true loves, true lusts, and heartaches. And that intense, searing stare one shares with another in that moment before a first kiss happens, or in the moments after one mistakenly takes place...but I'm digressing into story-land, sorry!

So I opened the file, took a deep breath, and jumped in headfirst. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when I realized it was all there, waiting for me. What was I thinking? Work? This isn't work, this is greeting a friend at the airport when you haven't seen them in ages. This is finding a good book you thought you'd lost and re-reading it just to realize it's still just as good. This is finding a twenty in your jeans while you're waiting in line at Food Lion and wishing you could afford to get a Snickers...

My friends, foes, and lovers were all waiting for me with open arms, begging me to get on with their stories so we can all find out what happens to them.

And the familiar excitement is rushing through my veins again. I cannot wait to write.

Thank you God, for rainy days, for being alive to appreciate them.
Crappy cell phone pic of where we stop to watch the water.
It's so much prettier than this looks, but since I forgot the camera, again...


Lulu Bells said...

If you haven't been ot the Falls yet I highly recommend it. I went there a few years ago. It was stunning. I don't recommend walk the height of the Falls though. I was exhausted halfway down. Anyways, go and enjoy it.

Sweet Caroline said...

Oh girl, that is not a crappy picture. That is beautiful! I am thrilled you will start writing again. When I went to the Stephanie Meyer concert she kept talking about her future books and the "Characters in her head.." I found that so interesting. But, it seems like you have that, too.

Yes, I live in Washington--I get a lot of rain. I actually love it. Everybody here hates it. I just find it the coolest thing that water falls from the sky!

Laura said...

Beautiful picture! so jealous!

Allison said...

Lulu Bells: I haven't been to the falls yet, but I am super excited about going there. We actually live super close, on the road you take to go there, so I'm hoping that one of these days when it's sunny we can check them out!

Sweet Caroline: I ♥ you. Rain is tough with kids, but there's a certain in the world that you can only see in the rain. I'm glad you appreciate that too!