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Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Like Emeril Says...

I'm totally in the middle of a frenzy of writing right now. FRENZY!! I sat down earlier today while the kids were asleep, miraculously at the same time, to go over some old stuff, get some more details down, and then.....

It just took off, the story, the characters, everything, and I haven't stopped for more than a moment to make sure my kids were still alive and hadn't trashed the house too much. This is so incredible! Once again, the story has changed, but changed isn't really the right word. Where I had story line down before that felt incomplete, and not quite meaty enough, I now have perfection.

Well, not perfection, far from it actually, but there's so much more substance to it, and another thread of conflict that I can't believe I didn't see until today that is going to be awesome.

One of the many perks of writing a scene you want and then going back is the ability to foreshadow. Foreshadowing is one of my favorite literary devices. It's one of the reasons I'll re-read a book tons of times. It's so cool to be able to pick out little details you read before without knowing what was coming. The second time you get so much out of it!

I'm apologizing now for any misspellings and the terrible grammar and blah blah blah, I'm typing at warp speed right now, and I'm flying high on writer's endorphins =)

It's almost dinner time so I need to go wrap up what I've got, jot down some things I don't want to forget, and put it away for a few hours, until the kids are asleep.

Thank God my husband is as understanding as he is when I'm writing, since I pretty much use him for a baby sitter and ignore him the rest of the time. Seriously.

I'll be back soon, hopefully with more good news. Pretty soon I'll be giving a copy of what I've got to some super awesome people I know to see what they think.

(I'm saying that oh-so nonchalantly, as if the very idea doesn't strike fear deep into my heart)

Until then...

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