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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"I am painting pictures which make me die for joy, I am creating with an absolute naturalness, without the slightest aesthetic concern, I am making things that inspire me with a profound emotion and I am trying to paint them honestly." —Salvador Dalí, in Dawn Ades, Dalí and Surrealism.

While there are many aspects surrounding and concerning Dali that I do not agree with personally, and many more I could never hope to understand, this quote speaks to me. It is exactly how I feel about writing, instead of art. Writing something that makes me so happy, without any false pretense, or worry what others will think. Writing a story that I like, that inspires profound emotion in myself, and putting it on paper in the purest, most honest form I can manage.

While I cannot claim to have the same motives with the book I'm currently working on, since I am hoping to have it published, and therefore do think about what others will think of it, the pieces I write for myself, on the spur of the moment, are exactly as Dali says. They're also my favorite writings.

Well, this was just something I ran across on my endless internet search for...well, anything that interests me really, and I was so taken with it, I just had to share. =)

I'd like to think, or at least hope, that everyone has something that they feel as passionately about as I do about writing, and Dali did about art. I cannot imagine what life, my life specifically, would be like without that passion, or obsession. I kind of think I'd either be extremely boring, or crazy.
Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants

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Ken's baby's mama said...

And, isn't it great that we all have different passions~so we can receive joy through each others talents?