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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Music To Write By

So I put up part of the playlist I listen to when I'm writing, or trying to write at least. These songs are either inspiring to me, or remind me of a character, or a plot line. I mixed up the order I play them in, and I set it on automatic shuffle as well, because I didn't want to give anything away yet. Eventually I'll come off more detailed details, but right now I'm at the earliest beginning. Like baking a cake, sort of, I don't want to ask people to taste the eggs for me, I have to at least mix all the ingredients up into that delicious cake batter we all love to sneak before the cake is done. ;)

I do have to ask that you listen to at least one song specifically-L'apres Midi- by Yann Tiersen. I just love that song, it has stories just flying out of it.

11/29/08 edit-all the songs on the playlist now are amazing, Iron and Wine being a huge influence right now

Also, if you notice song there more than once, it's supposed to be. ;) That means it's important, and I listen to it repeatedly.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your music, I always love new tunes and new inspirations!

Ecstacy by Maxfield Parrish

1 comment:

Ken's baby's mama said...

I just noticed this blog about your music. I am excited to hear that particular song. When my older, louder, kids are in school tomorrow, I will put your playlist on and clean my house listening to it. To be continued...