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Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Carolyn-She's Made of Awesome

While you may read this and wonder what it has to do with writing, just keep going; all will be revealed in time, young wheathopper.

I woke up this morning because my son, who is 2 1/2, was laying on top of my daughter, who is 1, who was hitting me in response, while laying between me and my husband. When I say this morning, I mean 4 am. While we have a king sized bed, it's a little cramped with 4. Not to mention I didn't remember getting my daughter in the night and letter her sleep there.

So I tried to get my son back to sleep in our bed, (something I don't normally do but I was too tired to get up), which woke my daughter up. So I carried her with one arm while she was nursing (no small feat since she's getting longer and heavier now) and dragged him back to his own bed with the other. Less than 5 minutes later he was back in our bed, and she was awake again. By this time it was almost 5 am, and pretty obvious to me that sleep was out of the question. My daughter drove this point home by sitting up, laughing, and pulling my hair.

While I can be a morning person, that usually only applies to the time 7 am or later, which is when the kids usually wake me up. Needless to say, I was not happy this morning. In fact, I was in a downright crappy mood. I stomped out to the kitchen, slammed the coffeepot around, and glared at my kids, both of whom were smiling and probably thinking I was pretty funny. Come to think of it, I looked pretty funny with my crazy rooster hair.

After rationalizing that watching a 30 minute Little Einstein DVD before 6 am did not make me a bad mother, since the alternative was me beating them into submission (kidding), I sat them down to watch it and got on the computer to do my morning routine of checking emails and sites I love.

After reading the comments Carolyn had left me on this blog, my entire day was better. I'm not saying that lightly either. I would have continued my day being crabby (to put it lightly) unless something great happened, which luckily it did.

There is nothing better than sharing a joke with someone, and I'm starting to think that the feeling is multiplied when the person is a virtual stranger. I've never met Carolyn; in fact, we live about as far apart as is physically possible while staying in the US. She found my blog by chance, and after reading her first comment, I read hers.

And I laughed and laughed and laughed. (C.-the dress you're wearing to church really got me.) Here was a woman almost a continent away who shared the same slightly twisted, occasionally perverted, and definitely silly sense of humor as me!! How was that even possible? I thought I had met the few people who understood my brand of silliness, and I've always counted myself lucky to have that small handful of people. And here was a woman miles and miles away, who found me by pure chance, and she is HILARIOUS!! Seriously, I crack up reading her comments, and I totally understand what she means. Better yet, she understands what I mean, which is no small feat.

Not only that, but she encourages me to continue my writing. It's one thing to have a close friend, husband, or family member tell you you're doing well; they're required to, it's a rule. Like when you were going to prom in a hideous dress your mother knew you'd hate when you grew up and looked at the pictures, but she ooohed and aaaahed over it, telling you that you looked beautiful, NO MATTER WHAT. It's not that I don't trust them, I just know they wouldn't be brutally honest and tell me something sucked if it did. And while I don't know if Carolyn would tell me that either, I like to think she would. And her praises come with no strings attached, from one stranger to another. Although now I think of her as a friend, not a stranger.

So now the sun is finally rising, and it's rising on a good day in our home. Thanks to a sister-soul God or fate was kind enough to send my way, I am in a great mood, and I will not be forced to hurt my children. Just kidding, but parents will understand the impulse. I'm drinking my coffee, watching my son get yogurt everywhere, and listening to the Hannukah song by Adam Sandler (and who doesn't smile when they hear that?).

It's gonna be a great day.


Sweet Caroline said...

Ali, I was quickly writing you this morning while my kids were running and screaming. I am unsure if I even sent it?? First of all, thank you for the greatest Christmas gift anyone could have ever given me. This is the nicest thing, ever! I had to read it out loud of Misty, which I read all your emails to her. I also read it to my husband. He said it is interesting that I, too, am a Taurus and a Boar. How odd is that? Yeah, I do get you...very well. And, you bring out a really good side of me, too. I find myself cracking jokes that I didn't even know I had. You are the BEST!!!

Lisa said...

Hi! Carolyn used to live across the street from me. And the girl is sincere, frank, candid. A great person to call a friend. (She would tell you if your dress was hideous. She has great taste, she couldn't keep it to herself!) Loved this post. Thanks