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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Full Pages, Full Belly

Hello all, I hope this post finds you well and happy, because I am surely both. I wrote today!!

(insert glorious angel song here)

I wrote and wrote and wrote, and it was so awesome I was just smiling like an idiot at my computer screen. It was one of those days where the words and plots and intrigues and romances and EVERYTHING was just there, waiting for me to come along and scoop it up. The more I write, the more there is to write about. I know there's something I'm wanting to compare it to, you know I'm all about giving examples to help you see what I see, but for some reason whatever it is I want to allude to is eluding me.

(thank you thank you, I'll be here all week)

As my story grows, my plot line changes, and that's really turning into some exciting stuff! And on a totally unrelated yet almost equally satisfying note, I made manicotti and salad and garlic bread for dinner, orange-glazed cinnamon rolls for dessert, and (I know, you're asking yourself how my day could have gotten any better) I watched the SAG awards (yay for Kate and Sean and 30 Rock!) AND (yes, there's even more) I watched United States of Tara and Secret Life of a Call Girl.

I know, they're both slightly trashy, perfectly crass, and hilarious. I adore them both like I enjoy smoking a ciggarette on the porch with a beer in the summer. I know it's bad, it just makes it so much better. I highly recomend US of Tara to anyone who gets my sense of humor. Toni Collette will be recieving awards for it, you heard it here first!

So, my day (and belly) were packed full of happy goodness today,
which I do so hope continues tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sweet Caroline said...

Okay...let me soak all of this in...It started out with intrigues and romance...then went to manicotti and orange glazed cinnamon rolls. (Which, by the way is one of my favorite dinner and deserts..) Then, something about award shows.

But, the thing that got my ears forward was the "trashy, crass and hilarious." What shows are these? I have not seen them and feeling like I am missing out on some real good sh--!

Yes, Ali...we all know you are a real bad girl...which makes us hope for lots of sex in your novels!