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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ugh, Technology!

So my computer has been down for a couple of days, which meant NO INTERNET.

Ugh, I'll give you a minute to empathize with how truly empty my life has been these past 72 hours without my close companions Facebook, Hotmail, and of course, Blogger.

(big, refreshing inhale....good.)

Now, I'm back, my IV of 'net-goodness is firmly in place, and life can go on again!

(I really missed you guys!)



Sweet Caroline said...

WOW. I actually wondered what it would be like to lose my computer. I can see going through major withdrawls...but, I had wondered if I would get a lot done!

But, I was thinking of doing a post how friends have now become cyber friends. Even on Facebook..And, I was going to do the Pros and Cons of tangible friends vs cyber friends! If I get to be in a funny mood, I will maybe do it!

But, yes, WELCOME BACK! I missed you too!

Sweet Caroline said...

OH my gosh...I got kind of scared when I saw the "Narrator.." I was like, Who is this? Then I noticed it was YOU. (Thank goodness!)

I had to say that I wanted to add that the joy of cyber friends (like Facebook) is that you are FINALLY cool enough to become friends with...Which I do think is absolutely silly! Like, I have NOTHING to say to you! Add any other interesting things..I seriously might have to do it~ It should be funny!

Sweet Caroline said...

I just read your other blog. I didn't know you might move to Georgia. My good friend is from there, and she only raves about it. But, wish I lived closer to pick you up and take you to Starbucks.

Yes, life doesn't wait..but, with all the 15+ moves I have done, there is a reason. So, I hope you find your reason!

Hang in there, and know your Cyber friends are here for you!