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Saturday, October 25, 2008



What is that number you ask?

Why, that's the number of words I just typed out into a very rough outline of my story.


And I know it's 2299 because I used a counter ;)

So I put the kids down for a nap, and decided to type out what I had written so far. I always write everything by hand first. It feels natural to me to physically write, since that's how I started all those years ago. The act of writing is very important to my thinking process.

So I started typing some of my ideas and then it just took off. I had so many ideas pouring out, and for every one I got out, three more grew off of it. I basically changed the plot, for the better, with the same characters, (who I already love by the way...)

And the story just keeps growing. I'm really super excited right now, and scared to death, and loving it!!

Now I have to go back and try to make sense of it, and put it together, and flesh out some details...but it's there! The backbone of my story is there, and I'M THRILLED!!!

(Can you tell I'm still riding on the high of writing? Yeah, I thought so.)

I have to stop for now, since I'm trying to nurse my daughter and type simultaneously, which is hard enough to do here, much less to do at the frenzied pace I type when it's flowing...which reminds me I have to go interpret half of the words I used, I never go back when I'm feeling it so there are A LOT of misspellings and half words I just used for reference points.

Also, I have to come up with names for my two main characters. I want to get them right because they mean a lot to me, and right now I just refer to them as "him" and "her"...also need to come up with a name for one of the other characters, a girl who is catty and irritating and is definitely going to cause some serious trouble...and I really like her too, for some reason. =)

Okay guys, this has been a great day. To quote Miss Piggy, "yippee skippee!". I might not be back for a few days since tomorrow is Football Sunday...which means I'll have to give the computer over to my husband for Fantasy Football purposes...

but I'll try to sneak back anyways ;)

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