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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Horoscope

I like to read my horoscope on every morning when I get on the computer to check all my mailboxes. I don't live by what they say, and I'm not super into the whole astrology thing, but I do think it's fun to read and relate things to. Plus, when they're good ones, why not use that little extra to make it through the day? I mean, seriously, every little bit helps, so I'll take what I can get.

Recently, starting about a week before I decided that writing a book while raising an autistic 2.5 year old and ridiculously active 1 year old (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!) was a great idea, my horoscope has talked about writing. Here's the one I have for today.

Incredible feelings of enthusiasm, optimism,
and sheer joy could fill your heart and mind today, dear Taurus.

Your life is changing in a positive way,and even though it may not be readily apparent, you're sensing it intuitively.

Romance with someone from far away could be in the cards.

If you're a writer, publishing is right around the corner.

The only downside is that occasionally you might feel panic as

if all this will disappear.

Stay focused!

I'm feeling pretty stoked about my day now, and about life in general. =) I'm hoping that while my husband is playing his usual Sunday afternoon football game with the guys that ol' Rob Pattinson will show up on my porch with his newly shorn hair and profess his undying lust for my brain. Hey, a girl can daydream, right? Haha, okay, so that's a little far-fetched even for an Ali daydream. Still...

It's so true about the panic thing though. I often worry that if I don't write as much as possible, I'll lose it. Then I'll have to tell people I'm a loser instead of a writer. (Slightly sarcastic there, but also a little serious.) I should know better, since I've spent years ignoring my writing ability in favor of what I called "living my life" at the time, and it's still there, patiently waiting for me to utilize it. But that fear never goes away completely I don't think, at least not for me. While I don't think that writing is what defines me,..........wait. Okay, actually, I do kind of think it defines me, to a certain extent any ways. So without that, who am I? I'd just be "that girl Ali, with the really long hair", like that's some kind of amazing skill. "Oooooh, she can grow her hair really fast! Super awesome!"

Ummm....yeah. Not so much, I don't think. I'd much rather be Ali the writer with really long hair, haha!

In a tiny aside-I still feel like such a poser saying, "I'm a writer", which probably will last until I have something published. Anyway, this has been kind of rambling, and I'm not going to fix that, sorry. My cup of coffee is empty, and it's time to refill and start the daily battle of keeping the house decently un-messy. Oh, and to write of course! ;)

Elephants are my fave, for those of you who don't know, and this one is so happy!
Check out that grin! Perfect for my horoscope-induced euphoria today.

1 comment:

Sweet Caroline said...

Dear Poser:

First of all: That horoscope applies to me, too. So, yippeee!!! yippppeee!!! I was worried about how today was going to go: But my horoscope AND the picture of the elephant is a surety that all is well!

So. Also: Raising a 2.5 year old autistic and a active 1 year old..(Yes, happy birthday cutie!) is enough to want to shoot yourself in the head at times. Or, to repeat every minute: "This can't be my it?? Oh Sh** IT IS!" But that is what aromatherapy is for...or Rob-a-therapy.

Coming from previously being 25 myself...I can tell you that you won't lose your gift. If anything: you will get better. I know. I know. I am right. Thank you. Your patience, your growth, your character will expand so much as a wife and mother. I can hear you say years from now: "Wow...I knew I was good at 25--but damn, I am INCREDIBLE at 28!" And then you will call me and say, "You were right. You were right." And I will say, "I know. Duh."

I recently read that a husband told his wife that an "Artist" is someone who is creative. So, is someone an Artist if they can only draw stick figures? Can you be a "writer," if you have not officially published? Uh, yes. Duh. I consider you a writer. And, I have been told by my husband that I am always right. (Of course he said it while screaming at me with frustration in his eyes. However, he said it. And, he is right about that.) are a writer. With really long hair. Nice title. Let's use it.

What is my title? I WANT A TITLE!! Um...I am Norman Rockwell picture of an Insane woman. There. See. We all feel better.

I am going to go take my medication now...

Happy Birthday, Chloe!!! Pull your mom's hair for me!! (guess what the word verification is? HYPERED. Weird!)